Where We Spoke

Dan Altman (Alum, ’15)

“The Fait Accompli in the 21st Century International Security Landscape: From Crimea to Doklam to the Spratly Islands,” Stimson Center, October 19, 2017.

Boaz Atzili (Alum, ’06)

“Deterring to Protect: Fourth Waves Deterrence and the Protection of Civilians in UN Peacekeeping,” Annual Conference of ISSS/ISAC, Washington, DC, October 2017.

Kevin Benson (Army War College Fellow, ’01-02)

Presented on critical thinking and the art and science of war gaming at US Army Command and General Staff College, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, December 8, 2017.

Jonathan Caverley (Research Associate)

“War and Society Working Group,” Northwestern University, November 17, 2017.

“International Security Studies,” Yale University, October 10, 2017.

Podcast, “Slowing the Proliferation of Major Conventional Weapons,” Carnegie Council for Ethics & International Affairs, December 5, 2017.

M. Taylor Fravel (Faculty)

with Laura Bosco, “China and the U.S.-China-Russia Nuclear Relationship,” New Nuclear Age Initiative, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, December 2017.

“Active Defense: China’s Military Strategy Since 1949,” Brown University, November 2017; Georgetown University, October 2017.

“China and North Korea,” Starr Forum, MIT, October 2017.

Eugene Gholz (Affiliate)

with Harvey Sapolsky (SSP Faculty Emeritus), “The Self-Licking Ice Cream Cone: The Defense Innovation and Threat Assessment Machine,” at Applying Lessons Learned from China to Understand How Other Countries Become Military Technological and Industrial Powers, University of California, San Diego, December 12, 2017.

“The Changing Role of America’s Military: A Debate,” Public Debate with Michael Desch, Mara Karlin, and General John Allen organized by the Brookings Institution and the Charles Koch Institute, Las Vegas, NV, December 11, 2017.

“Answering China’s Rise: How Technology Gives America Strategic Options,” Presentation to the University of Alabama John Quincy Adams Society, Tuscaloosa, AL, December 1, 2017.

“U.S. A2/AD Capability: Creating ‘No Man’s Sea’,” Presentation at the Rethinking Defense Working Group, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, DC, November 13, 2017.

“Oil, Hegemonic Stability Theory, and U.S. Grand Strategy, “ Paper presented at the Conference of International Security Studies and International Security and Arms Control Sections of ISA and APSA, Washington, DC, October, 13, 2017.

Kelly M. Greenhill (Affiliate, Alum, ’04)

“Influence Operations and Society,” Swedish National Defence University, Stockholm, Sweden, October, 2017.

“Understanding the Psychology of Disinformation,” as part of a meeting on Strategic Communications and Digital Disinformation, The Atlantic Council, Washington, DC.

“Three Tweets to Midnight: Global Information Revolution and Nuclear Stability,” Stanley Foundations’ 58th Strategy for Peace Conference, Airlie House, Warrenton, VA.

Jeanne Guillemin (Senior Advisor)

Presentations resulting from Guillemin’s book, Hidden Atrocities: Japanese Germ Warfare and American Obstruction of Justice at the Tokyo Trial, have been given at Spotlight Seminar at the National Defense University (December 12), a workshop on Chemical and Biological weapons co-sponsored by the Monterey Institute’s James Martin Center and the NDU Center for the study of Weapons of Mass Destruction (December 13). Her book is currently being translated into Chinese.

Gregory Koblentz (Affiliate, Alum, ’04)

“Horsepox and Its Implications for National Security,” presentation at the Jonathan B. Tucker CBW Symposium, Center for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction at National Defense University and the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Washington, DC, December 13, 2017.

“Syria and Nonproliferation Sanctions,” presentation for Security in the New Era of Targeted Sanctions, National Security Institute, Anton Scalia Law School, George Mason University, Arlington, VA, November 13, 2017.

“Pandemics: Where Public Health Meets Public Policy,” presentation for the panel on Global Pandemics and Crisis Management in the 2018 NASPAA-Batten Simulation Competition, Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration Annual Conference, Washington, DC, October 12, 2017.

“Cyberbiosecurity: Policy Concerns, Priorities, and Opportunities,” presentation at the Securing the Bioeconomy—Cyberbiosecurity Workshop, Virginia Tech, Arlington, VA, October 4, 2017.

Peter Krause (Affiliate, Alum, ’11)

Book Talks on Rebel Power, Why National Movements Compete, Fight, and Win at American University (November 2017), University of Maryland, START Center (November, 2017), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Center for International Studies (November, 2017), University of Connecticut (November, 2017), Naval Postgraduate School, Global Connections Speaker Series (October, 2017), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Emile Bustani Middle East Seminar (October, 2017), University College London (October, 2017), and the University of St. Andrews, Centre for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence (October, 2017).

Alan Kuperman (Alum, ’02)

“Reduced Enrichment for Naval Propulsion Reactors,” 38th International Meeting on Reduced Enrichment for Research and Test Reactors (RERTR), Chicago, IL, November 12-15, 2017.

“What if Trump ‘Decertifies’ Iran Nuclear Deal?” KCBS radio, October 6, 2017.

Rachel Esplin Odell (Graduate Student)

“U.S. Freedom of Navigation Operations as Strategic Norm-Shaping: Theory Development and Preliminary Empirical Analysis,” International Security Studies Section (ISSS) and APSA’s International Security and Arms Control Section (ISAC), American University, October, 2017.

Barry Posen (Faculty)

“How to use Waltz to Explain International Conflicts,” Conference on the US and Transatlantic Relations, Norwegian Institute for Defense Studies, Oslo, Norway, October 9, 2017.

“Restraint: A New Foundation for U.S. Grand Strategy,” Book Talk, CSIC, Washington DC, October 25, 2017.

Panelist for Charles Koch Institute/Charles Koch Foundation roll out of their new grant making program in Security Studies, Washington DC, November 17, 2017.

“Future of Nato,” Debate, America’s Public Square, Truman Library, Kansas City, MO, December, 2017.

Jeremy Pressman (Alum, ’02)

“The Long Struggle for Israel-Palestine,” Skidmore College Jacob Perlow Event Series, October 2, 2017.

Joshua Rovner (Alum, ’08)

“Strategy and Grand Strategy,” University of Chicago, Program on International Security Policy, October, 2017.

“Comments on Rose McDermott and Uri Bar Joseph, Intelligence Success and Failure: The Human Dimension,” Brown University, Watson Institute, December, 2017.

Apichai Shipper (Alum, ’01)

“Two Conceptualizations of Personhood: Citizenship and Minority Policies in Asia,” University of British Columbia, Vancouver, October, 2017.

Joel Sokolsky (Senior Advisor)

“Unpacking Canada’s New Defence Policy: The Path to Strong, Secure, Engaged,” Canadian Global Affairs Council, Ottawa, October, 2017.