Where We Spoke

Rachel Esplin Odell, graduate student

Rachel Odell presented “Assessing the Effect of China’s Expanded Presence in the South China Sea on the U.S.-China Military Balance” at the annual ISAC-ISSS Conference held at the University of Notre Dame on November 5, 2016, with MIT SSP alumnus Eugene Gholz as her panel discussant.


M. Taylor Fravel, Faculty

“China’s Approach to the South China Sea: Insights from China’s Other Territorial Disputes,” University of Pennsylvania, December 2016.

“China’s Response to the South China Sea Tribunal,” Boston University, November 2016.

“Regime Insecurity and Chinese Foreign Policy,” CENTRA, Washington, DC, October 2016.

“Maritime Disputes in U.S.-China Relations,” Fairbanks Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard University, October 2016.


Kelly M. Greenhill, Alum. ’04

“The Weaponization of Migration, Lessons from the Past, Implications for the Future,” as part of Migration, Refugees and Asylum: Concepts, Actors and Practices Since the Second World War in Global Perspective, Institut für Zeitgeschichte, Munich, Germany, December, 2016.

“What Does a Trump Presidency Mean for US National Security and Foreign Policy?” as part of a panel at Tufts University, December, 2016.

Invited keynote address for “The Euro, Markets and Democracy 2016 – In there Life Outside the Euro?” Annual Meeting of the Italian Association for the Study of Economic Asymmetries, Montesilvano, Italy November, 2016.

“A Likely Story? The Role of Information Source in Rumor Adoption and Dissemination,” ISCS Security Policy Workshop, GWU, Washington, DC, October, 2016.


Peter Krause, Alum. ’11

“How Human Boundaries Become State Borders: Radical Flanks and Territorial Control in the Modern Era,” Middle East Studies Association Annual Conference, November 2016.

“The Politics of Israel in the Middle East,” MIT-Sloan Business School, November 2016.

“A State, an Insurgency, and a Revolution: Understanding and Defeating the Three Faces of ISIL,” Indiana University, October 2016.


Alan Kuperman, Alum. ’02

Learning from Libya Disaster,” Baltimore Council on Foreign Affairs, December 1, 2016.


Dave Pendall, MIT Army Fellow, ’12-13

“Army’s Role in A2-AD and Multi-Domain Battle,” MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Anti Access/Area Denial Workshop, November 17, 2016.


Richard Samuels, Faculty

Spoke at the annual meeting of the board of Albert Einstein Foundation in Berlin on the topic of US alliance.

Spoke at the 25th anniversary of the Center for Global Partnership in Tokyo on the future of the US-Japan alliance.


Caitlin Talmadge, Alum. ’11

Caitlin Talmadge gave talks on nuclear escalation and strategic deterrence at Georgetown University, International Theory and Research Seminar; University of Chicago, Program on International Security Policy; and the National Intelligence Council, U.S. Department of State Analytic Exchange.


David Weinberg, Alum. ’12

Discussed negative consequences of Congress overriding President Obama’s veto of the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act with Huffington Post Politics Live, October 4, 2016.