Awards and Scholarships

Mark Bell, Alum ‘16

Mark Bell was awarded a Stanton Foundation grant to develop a new undergraduate course on nuclear weapons at the University of Minnesota - a news story about the award is here:


Stacie Goddard, Research Affiliate

Stacie Goddard is a part of a group who received funding from the Norwegian Research Council for the project “Evaluating Power Political Repertories (EPOS).”


Mayumi Fukushima, graduate student

Mayumi Fukushima was awarded a Smith Richardson World Politics and Statecraft Fellowship. 


Andrew Miller, graduate student

Andrew Miller received the following grants and fellowships: the Project Launch Grant, Global Religion Research Initiative, Notre Dame; Research Seed Grant, GOV/LAB, MIT; and a Summer Study Fellowship from the Center for International Security at MIT.


Reid Pauly, graduate student

Reid Pauly was awarded a Smith Richardson World Politics and Statecraft Fellowship.


Barry Posen, Faculty

Barry Posen was awarded the ISA International Security Studies Section 2017 Distinguished Scholar Award on February 24, 2017.


Joshua Shifrinson, Alum ‘13

Joshua Shifrinson’s 2016 International Security article was awarded the Best Article Award from the Diplomatic Studies Section of the International Studies Association.

Joshua Shifrinson received a Policy Engagement Fellowship from the Bridging the Gap Project.