Where We Spoke

M. Taylor Fravel, faculty and Security Studies Program Director
“Prospects of US-China Nuclear Competition,” National Defense University, June 2020

“Active Defense: China’s Military Strategy Since 1949” at Naval War College, June 2020, and INDOPACOM, May 2020

“U.S. Policy Toward China in the South China Sea,” George Washington University, May 2020

Eugene Gholz, SSP affiliate and alum, 2000
“What Frightens Us? And Why? Threat Perception During and after COVID-19,” Panel discussion organized by the Cato Institute, April 22, 2020.

Eric Heginbotham, SSP Principal Research Scientist
Eric Heginbotham and Richard J. Samuels made a presentation, “The Search for a “Plan B” in South Korea and Japan,” to the “Workshop on New Frontiers for U.S. Alliance Cooperation with Japan and the ROK,” sponsored by the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center, Washington, DC. May 2020.

Eric Heginbotham and Sadamasa Oue presented on the “Japan-U.S. Security Treaty at 60: Cost Sharing and New Security Threats” for the Harvard Program on U.S.-Japan Relations, April 7, 2020.

Eric Heginbotham and Richard Samuels presented a paper on “Making the Case for the U.S.-Japan and U.S.-ROK Security Alliances” for a group assembled by the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center, May 13, 2020.

Erik Heginbotham was the country lead for the Red Team on a series of three wargames produced by the Center for New American Security between April and June, 2020. Ph.D. students Suzanne Freeman and Ben Harris also participated.

William James, 2018-2020 Grand Strategy, Security, and Statecraft fellow
'Grand Strategy and National Strategy: Past Conceptions and New Approaches’, Centre for Grand Strategy, King’s College London, June 2020

Greg Koblentz, alum, 2004
“Will COVID-19 Generate More Interest in Biological Weapons?” John J. McCloy Roundtable on Setting the National Security Agenda, Council on Foreign Relations, June 26, 2020.

"COVID-19: How the Pandemic Is Reshaping Our Government, Economy, and Society," Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University, May 28, 2020.

Pandemic Preparedness and Social Resilience,” Pandemic Webinar Series, Institute for a Sustainable Earth, George Mason University, May 12, 2020.

Peter Krause, alum, 2011
Peter Krause spoke at the MIT Starr Forum "When Culture Meets COVID-19” on June 23, 2020.

Alan Kuperman, alum, 2002
“U.S. HEU Minimization Policy: A Success Based on No Exceptions,” Panel on Use of LEU in Space, American Nuclear Society, Virtual Annual Meeting, June 11, 2020.

Caglar Kurc, Fulbright Scholar 2012-13
Panelist, Middle East Institute virtual event, June 4, 2020. Title of the event was "Turkish-Russian Cooperation and Implications for Black Sea Security

Erik Lin-Greenberg, alum and SSP faculty as of July 2020
Podcast, The Global Cable: "Building AI Armies" (April 2020)

Podcast, War on the Rocks, Horns of a Dilemma: "Keeping the Russians Out, The Americans In, and the Computers Down?" (May 2020)  (with Doyle Hodges)

Michael Miklos, US Army, Retired, Military fellow 2004-2005
Michael Miklos gave a presentation at the American Legion to Legionnaires, Knights of Columbus, Boy Scouts, and a Cadet from VMI on the significance of Flag Day and how it connects to US History from WWI forward.  The presentation was on 14 June 2020.

Rachel Esplin Odell, graduate student
Panelist in a virtual discussion entitled, “Is China the New Enemy? Confront or Cooperate?” on June 22, 2020 as part of the Arena Civil Dialogue series.

Interviewed for the Things That Go Boom podcast hosted by Public Radio International, in a June 5 episode entitled, “Was the US sleeping through China’s rise?”

Moderated a virtual panel hosted by the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft on May 14 entitled, “Cooperation Or Cold War — Navigating U.S.-China Relations In Times of COVID and Climate Change

Interviewed on BBC World News on May 6 about U.S.-China relations amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

Interviewed for a USA Today article on May 5 entitled, “‘Dangerous dynamic’: Coronavirus threatens new ‘Cold War’ between US and China

Panelist in the Regional Spotlight: Asia-Pacific discussion at the Foreign Policy–Quincy Institute Forum held February 26 at the Capitol Visitor Center in Washington, DC

Sara Plana, graduate student
On May 28, 2020, Sara Plana spoke about diversity in academia in a panel entitled "Enhancing Diversity and Strengthening Inclusion in Efforts to Bridge the Academia-Policy Gap" put on by the Bridging the Gap Project.

From June 2-5, 2020, the third-annual conference series that Sara Plana co-founded and help organize, Future Strategy Forum, convened four virtual events with all-women-identifying speakers on the "Future of Cooperation and Conflict in the Time of Covid-19."

Joshua Rovner, alum, 2008
"The Intelligence Contest in Cyberspace," Office of the Secretary of Defense (Policy), April 16.

"What is an Intelligence Contest?" Texas National Security Review symposium, April 3.

"Covid-19 and National Security," American University School of International Service, June 10.

Carol Saivetz, Senior Advisor
Carol Saivetz spoke at a Brandeis webinar—along with Gary Samore—entitled “US-Russian Relations in 2020” on May 26, 2020.