What We Wrote

Noel Anderson (Alum, ’16)

Noel Anderson, “Competitive Intervention, Protracted Conflict, and the Global Prevalence of Civil War,” International Studies Quarterly (2019).


Eugene Gholz (Alum, ’00)

Eugene Gholz, “Here’s the Dirty Truth about China’s Rare-Earth Threat,” Washington Post, May 31, 2019.


Erik Lin-Greenberg (Alum, ’09)

Erik Lin-Greenberg, “Backing Up, Not Backing Down: Mitigating Audience Costs Through Policy Substitution,” Journal of Peace Research, Vol. 56, No. 4

Erik Lin-Greenberg, “Trump is Playing Iran’s Game of Drones,” Foreign Policy, June 20, 2019.


Gregory D. Koblentz (Alum, ’04)

Gregory D. Koblentz, “Historical Aspects of Biological Weapons Development and Use,” in Sunit K. Singh and Jens H. Kuhn, eds., Defense Against Biological Attacks, Volume 1 (Basel, Switzerland: Springer Nature AG, 2019)


Peter Krause (Alum, ’11)

Peter Krause, “It Comes with the Territory: Why States Negotiate with Ethnopolitical Organizations,” with Victor Asal and Daniel Gustafson, Studies in Conflict and Terrorism Vol. 42, No. 4 (April 2019), pp. 363—382.


Alan Kuperman (Alum, ’02)

Alan Kuperman, “Did the R2P Foster Violence in Libya?” Genocide Studies and Prevention 13, 2 (2019): pp. 38-57.

Alan Kuperman, “Luria Erred on Nuclear Fuel Decision,” The Virginian-Pilot, op-ed, June 27, 2019.


Aidan Milliff (Graduate Student)

Aidan Milliff (with Milan Vaishanav, Saksham Khosla, and Rachel Osnos), “Digital India? An Email Experiment with Indian Legislators,” India Review 18, no. 3 (2019): 243—63.


Mina Pollmann (Graduate Student)

Mina Pollmann, “Learning to Embrace an Unequal Alliance,” Tokyo Review, June 7, 2019.


Jim Walsh (Senior Research Associate)

Jim Walsh, “How Donald Trump Pushed Iran to the Bomb,” CNN Opinion, July 11, 2019.