What We Wrote

Dan Altman (Alum, ’15)

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Mark Bell (Alum, ’16)

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Kevin Benson (Army War College Fellow, ’01-02)

Kevin Benson, “It is OUR Fault,” Infinity Journal (forthcoming)


Jonathan Caverley (Research Associate)

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Jonathan Caverley, “A Good Cartel? Slowing the Proliferation of Major Conventional Weapons,” Ethics & International Affairs 31, no. 4 (Winter 2017).


Christopher Clary (Alum, ’15)

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M. Taylor Fravel (Faculty)

M. Taylor Fravel, “Shifts in Warfare and Party Unity: Explaining Changes in China’s Military Strategy,” International Security, Vol. 42, No. 3 (Winter 2017/2018).


Kelly Greenhill (Research Affiliate) 

Coercion: The Power to Hurt in International Politics, ed. Kelly Greenhill and Peter Krause (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018)

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Paul Heer (CIS Robert E. Wilhelm fellow, ’16)

Paul Heer, “Understanding the Challenge from China,” in the Asan Forum, 3 April, 2018.

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Gregory Koblentz (Alum, ’04) 

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Peter Krause (Research Affiliate)

Coercion: The Power to Hurt in International Politics, eds. Kelly Greenhill and Peter Krause (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018).

Peter Krause, “Coercion by Movement: How Power Drove the Success of the Eritrean Insurgency, 1960-1993,” in Coercion: The Power to Hurt in International Politics, eds. Kelly Greenhill and Peter Krause (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018).


Alan Kuperman (Alum, ’02)

Alan Kuperman, “The US Navy Should Start Weaning its Reactors off Bomb-Grade Uranium,” Defense One, March 13, 2018.

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Austin Long (Alum, ’10)

Austin Long, “Discrimination Details Matter: Clarifying and Argument about Low-Yield Nuclear Warheads,” War on the Rocks, February 16, 2018.

Austin Long, “Red Glare: The Origin and Implications of Russia’s ‘New’ Nuclear Weapons,” War on the Rocks, March 26, 2018.

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Roger Petersen (Faculty) and Matthew Cancian (Graduate Student)

Roger Petersen and Matthew Cancian, “Between Two Caesars: The Christians of Northern Iraq,” Providence, Winter, 2018.


Barry Posen (Faculty)

Barry Posen, “The Rise of Illiberal Hegemony,” Foreign Affairs, Vol. 97, No. 2 (March/April 2018), pp. 20-27.


Jeremy Pressman (Alum, ’02)

Jeremy Pressman and Erica Chenoweth, “New count of U.S. protests shows more than 300 separate rallies against gun violence in Feb,” The Washington Post, March 30, 2018.

Jeremy Pressman and Erica Chenoweth, “The Women’s March could change politics like the Tea Party did,” The Guardian, January 31, 2018.


Joshua Rovner (Alum, ’08)

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Carol Saivetz (Senior Advisor)

Carol Saivetz, “Frenemies: Putin and Erdogan,” Lawfare Blog


Joshua Shifrinson (Alum, ’13)

Emma Ashford and Joshua Shifrinson, “Trump’s National Security Strategy: A Critic’s Dream,” Policy Roundtable; What to Make of Trump’s National Security Strategy, Texas National Security Review, December 21, 2017.

Forthcoming: Rising Titans, Falling Giants: How Great Powers Exploit Power Shifts (Cornell University Press, Summer 2018).